The Value of Shipping with Old Dominion

When it comes to LTL Transportation, every detail is important—especially calculating all of the associated costs. Old Dominion’s service, on-time percentage and low claims ratio provide a greater value across every aspect of the shipping process. This value calculator identifies and quantifies those costs to illustrate how Old Dominion can help you lower your overall total cost of transportation.

Instructions: Fill in the fields below. Roll-over each field name for additional information. Where appropriate, we have prepopulated the fields with industry averages or Old Dominion corporate performance metrics. However, where you have specific metrics for your own shipping, please enter them. Try to provide the most accurate data possible so the calculator provides accurate results and the true potential benefit for your shipping situation.

(Minimum of 50 annual shipments required)
Total Cost

*Old Dominion’s industry-leading on-time and #1 claims prevention rankings are based on the 2018 Mastio & Co. National LTL Carrier Report. Old Dominion’s .14% claims ratio is as of Q2 202.

**Results provided by this calculator are based upon information input by the user and are also based on certain business assumptions as described in the rollover text for each entry. Calculations should not be considered as price quotes, actual savings amounts or offers of service by Old Dominion but rather directional data based on the total cost of your freight program. Although OD has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, each business is different and will have additional factors influencing actual results. OD does not guarantee, either expressly or implicitly, the accuracy and completeness of this calculator.