Our Customers Asked For A Tool To Help Dispute Unwarranted Chargebacks, And OD Delivered.

If you ship to retailers, tightening delivery requirements and chargebacks are an unavoidable part of doing business. However, retail distribution centers can run behind and, although your delivery arrived on time, it may not have been accepted right away. Distributors may flag the shipment as late, causing a costly chargeback. That chargeback can now be contested with data.


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Enhanced Features for Must Arrive By Date Customers

Our Chargeback Research Tool gives you everything you need to research your shipments and contest unwarranted chargebacks. OD offers the following enhanced features for MABD customers including:

Simplified retrieval of documentation
Search OD Appointment confirmations
Enriched documentation reporting
Printable reports
Direct access to customer service
A granular view of each shipment
Interactive timelines

Defend Your Profits with OD’s New Chargeback Research Tool

Now available on the ODFL4Me web application, the Chargeback Research Tool can help minimize chargebacks and fines from retailers. OD shippers now have the power to research shipment details with complete track and trace visibility on each shipment.

Within the app, customers can see interactive timelines, access shipment related documents, print reports, and submit questions to OD’s customer service team for review. The full-visibility research tool gives customers empowering information to contest inaccurate chargebacks.

Shipping to retail customers with tight delivery windows or stringent on-time, in-full requirements can result in costly chargebacks or fines and listening to customers’ feedback is what inspired developing it.



Senior Vice President of Sales

During recent months when other carriers reduced services Old Dominion doubled down on its service by launching the new tool. As businesses recover, protecting income is critical to business health.

We want to help customer maximize profitability by giving them a tool to minimize chargebacks. With tightening supply chains and smaller delivery windows, it’s more important now than ever to get shipments to distribution centers or warehouses on time, in full (OTIF), and damage free. Vendor scorecards and maintaining strong relationships with retail customers are contingent upon meeting their OTIF requirements.

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